About Me

Past and present experience

I am a Co-Founder, REALTOR, and ABR of Copper Hill Real Estate, located in Philadelphia. I possess years of experience in real estate development and engineering consulting. Graduated from Drexel University with a Bachelors of Science in Architectural Engineering and a focus on Construction Management. Early on in my career, I learned the need to be professional, thorough and courteous while creating a personal experience for an easy transaction. Establishing client relationships with a strong foundation through open communication and education solidify long-term, personal results, which helped grow my network while negotiating to achieve client's needs.

My knowledge of local markets and development in Philadelphia and Bucks County bring expertise and negotiation skills to every real estate transaction. I am Currently on the Board of Directors for the Fairmount Community Development Corporation and member of the Young Professionals Network for the Suburban West Realtors Association.


What I'm Known For

First and foremost I am known for being upfront and honest with every client. Secondly, my tenacity to negotiate the best deal possible utilizing logic, reason and analytical skills. Lastly, but certainly not least, is my ability to educate clients through the entire process leaving nothing in the dark. Have a look below to see testimonials...

I highly recommend Andrew because he will work tirelessly for you, freely shares his extensive knowledge of the industry and market, makes the process smooth, and negotiates the best price. My home appraised for a value way above what I purchased it for. Andrew was relentless to get me the best deal.
— Chris M.
Andrew was extremely responsive, resolved all issues and protected my interests without question. If you wish to work with the equivalent of a “used car salesman” they are plentiful and stand on the corners flagging down people. If you want to work with the best, give Andrew a call.
— Brandon S.
Purchasing a condo can be tricky, which is why I was glad Andrew did all of his homework. He made sure the bank would provide a mortgage based on the building’s finances. He also made sure all clauses inside the contract were there to PROTECT me. I would absolutely recommend Andrew to anyone!
— Liz A.

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