Prepare Yourself Before Searching

Saves time, money, and leaves the aspirin on the shelf.


Develop Agency Relationship

Create a relationship with a buyer's agent to represent YOU and ONLY you. AVOID contacting listing agents to eliminate the chance of DUAL AGENCY. Don't know what IT is or have a different opinion? Contact me to find out more.

Aim For Affordability

A good rule of thumb/quick way to calculate a home you can afford; annual salary times four. Analyze your income, debts and routine monthly expenses. Make sure your mortgage price is not a stretch. You'll still need to furnish your new home.

Understand Your Credit

If you feel there is a chance your credit score is poor, make sure you take the necessary steps to verify. There are steps to repair your credit score if it is low. 

Get Your Preapproval

No one wants to fall in love with something they can't afford. Discuss different loan products with a lender or have a mortgage broker shop multiple banks.


Once You Found A Home

Home Purchase Next Steps

Contact me with real estate questions or properties of interest. You'll receive market analysis along with an educational guide for your house hunt. Once we find your new home, you'll have a buyer's agent on your side to negotiate and provide you with the protection you need... An added VALUE to you, NOT a cost. See more information below.

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