How To's & What Not's

Techniques For selling your home at top dollar.


Why sell?

It's a simple question, but should be thought about carefully. Knowing key motives will dictate marketing and maximize your return on investment.


Currently 91% of buyers start with the internet making digital marketing most important. Contact me for the best way to capture your audience on the web.

Know The Market

Like any other market, real estate experiences shifts and swings. Contact me for market analysis on how your area is performing. Timeframe is key for placing your home on the market.


Brick pointing, window sealing and sidewalk repair. These minor things will have a big impact on passers-by and potential buyers. Keep the inside clean and de-cluttered, sweet smelling from top to bottom.

Know Your Home's Worth

Sellers tend to overestimate the value of their property. FSBOs often sell for 25% less than asking price.


Factors in an agent should include education, expertise, availability, commitment and rapport.


When You're Ready

Next steps to selling your home

Contact me for a personalized in-home evaluation and market analysis. If you like what I have to say, then we're on our way to selling your home. You'll have a selling agent on your side to negotiate and provide you with the protection you need... An added VALUE to you, NOT a cost. See more information below.

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